RAW - Rome Art Week:  October 25 - 30, 2021

Artists Studio Rome, Borgo Pio 125 - 3rd floor - no lift- Roma, Italy 00193

During Rome Art Week, Artists Studio Rome exhibited art by German artist, Anna Wenning along with Italian artists: Katarzyna Bak, Angelo Colagrossi, Yvonne Ekman, Mauro Magni and Giulia Ripandelli in dialogue with the installation 'Into the Smog' by the American artist, Nikkole Huss also featured in the Berlin Art Festival 48 Std. Neukölln June 2021.  
Rome Art Week is a project that involves the whole city of Rome through events in art galleries and open studios of professional artists.  It has been organized to give a new impetus to the contemporary art market of the capital and to bring it to the attention of the international art circuits.
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