Berlin Art Week:  September 13-17, 2023

Gallery UNO Projektraum Berlin
Wissmannstraße 12, 12049 Berlin, Germany

During Berlin Art Week, Gallery UNO Projektraum Berlin featured art created by artists:  Katarzyna Bak (Rome), Prisca Baccaille (Rome), Elvira Martos (Seville), Max Serradifalco (Rome), Paola Romoli Venturi (Rome) and Antonio Virzi (Berlin) in dialogue with the installation VIRAL DANCE by the American artist Nikkole Huss (Chicago) created for the Berlin Art Festival 48 Std. Neukölln in June 2023.  Curated by Barbara Goebels-Cattaneo.

Berlin Art Week, launched in 2012 as an collaboration of various partners, is all about contemporary art and brings together the most important players in Berlin's art scene: from art institutions, an art fair and private galleries to private collections, project spaces, and artists. Joining forces, the entire art scene opens up to art enthusiasts from around the globe with a program of openings, award ceremonies, interventions in public space, guided tours, and discussions. Berlin Art Week reflects what the city is all about: a source where art is created, a laboratory where topics in art are being discussed, a place for new impulses and many discoveries.
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