Phenomena Perceived

Phenomena Perceived presents an interactive, illusionistic environment that is directly determined by the viewer’s perception of light and space unfolding very slowly over a period of time. Since the installation is composed entirely of an extremely thin, transparent monofilament that is enhanced by the interior’s source of light, the walls at first glance appear empty. The viewer’s absence of information evokes a curiosity that is investigated by a series of physical movements that prepare him/her for an encounter. The amount of time necessary to uncover the identity of the medium in addition to subtle details is not only delayed but dependent upon the viewer’s personal perception of light and pathway of physical movement. After moving closer to the wall and observing viewpoints that reveal the boundaries of two inches of space between the monofilament and the wall, the installation’s physical suspension is revealed and at the adjacent angle, refrains from completely dissolving into the environment.

The final inspection exposes a delicate, repetitive surface of monofilament reproduced in the form of shadows that are uniquely nuanced and similar in quality to a graphite pencil line drawing made by hand. The energy created by the viewer’s scrutiny of the installation is immediately connected to his/her sense of environment and heightened awareness of the architecture of the room. Subtle imperfections such as small cracks in the wall that are often overlooked are now visible. The viewer’s experience of aesthetic perception determined by the transitory qualities of light striking a wall at a certain time of day celebrates the mundane, ordinary events of everyday life.

Copyright 2003 Nikkole Huss All Rights Reserved.