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Under the archives section of, Terrence Hannum, director of Panel-House writes:

“Phenomena Perceived” the hanging, mono-filament, wall length piece blends into the wall and it is not until one steps around Richard Holland’s floating phonograph towards Candida Alvarez’ embroideries and rubbings that it comes out of the wall. As “Phenomena Perceived” emerges into vision (embodying its title), there is a general relief towards the use of mono-filament as an intrinsic material rather than a means of suspending an object or group of objects in an inane attempt to make the audience hold back their perception of the prop.

09/17/2003: “Suspension” @ 1926 Exhibition Studies Space
“ Suspension” @ 1926 Exhibition Studies Space
Featuring : Noelle Allen, Candida Alvarez, Dianna Frid, Richard Holland, Nikkole Huss, Noe Kidder, Dani Leventhal, Deirdre McConnell, Yuichiro Nishizawa, Ben Shaffer, Skylar Smith, Georgia Valverde, and Laura Wasielewski
Through Dec. 14th
1926 N. Halsted St.
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