Within the blink of an eye, it is nearly impossible to decipher all of the details of our surrounding environment. Yet, it is routine practice within our fast-paced, modern society, to absorb incredible amounts of information at astonishing rates of speed. The internet, television, electronic billboards and other forms of technology seek to attract and control our undivided attention. Due to the excessive bombardment of signs that interrupt our life on a daily basis, it is not surprising that an enormous amount of information is sifted through, pushed aside and overlooked. As an artist, I arrange patterns, systems and networks in an optically charged manner in an effort to slow down the viewer’s intake of information and prepare him/her for an encounter.

The illusionistic qualities inherent in the Learning to Write series decelerate the viewer’s digestion of information. The display of criss-crossing, intersecting lines in various colors at first glance, create vertigo. Despite the overwhelming display of dizziness, the viewer’s scrutiny of detail is crucial in the unveiling of the subject matter. The final inspection establishes a connection to grade school papers associated with the process of learning to write. However, given the taxonomy presented, it would be impossible to record language on any of the papers in a straight line. Since ideas articulated in the mind are not always registered in the same manner on paper, a gap between imaginary space and real space is suggested.

The title of the exhibition, Don’t Blink reinforces the importance of intense concentration in the process of perception. In a world with so much to see, the quarter-second closure of an eye is just enough time to lose track of our continually growing and changing environment.

Copyright 2004 Nikkole Huss All Rights Reserved.